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IntroductionYou can build an environment where you can focus on your core business by outsourcing matters related to social insurance, personnel and labor management to us. With self-awareness and pride as human resource professionals, we provide high quality proposals appropriate to each individual client, and work together with clients to solve the problems faced by many organizations.

Our solutions

■Social insurance procedures support

Laws concerning social insurance and labor are diverse and complicated. In addition, legal revisions regarding procedures occur frequently. Trying to check the updated information and do the procedure by yourself imposes an excessive burden from the personnel and financial point of view. You can concentrate on your core business by leaving the management of your social insurance administration in the hands of experts.

■Payroll calculation services

The greatest merit of payroll outsourcing is precise calculation. We can help you create a comfortable working environment by precisely calculating overtime work and managing employees' attendance in accordance with working arrangements, and so on. In case you are a foreign-invested company, we can communicate directly with HQ in overseas without disclosing salary information to other employees, which reduces the risk of information loss.

■Draw up rules of employment

Rules of employment is like a rule book of the company, which stipulates the rules that ought to be followed by employees for maintaining the order of the workplace. We can assist you with development of rules suitable for each organization and visualization of the rules between employees and employers so that your employees can work comfortably.

■Human resource consulting contract

Individual growth is critical to organizational growth. Establishing a system related to personnel boosts the motivation and skills of employees, and thus leads to acceleration of growth of the organization. Through a human resource consulting contract, we human resource professionals serve your wide-range of needs, not only in the proposition and establishment of a personnel evaluation system and a benefit system, but also in all aspects of personnel management affairs.

About us

Representative Eri Yoshikawa
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Establishment August 1, 2012
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SRP (Shakaihoken Roumushi Privacy)
Certification provided by Japan Federation of Labor and Social Security Attorney’s Associations to Labor and Social Security Attorney Offices that properly protect client information.